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The ROS1ders Need More Research!

Please help The ROS1ders find better treatments for our type of cancer.


$2,830 towards $10,000

Help me fund exciting new research for my ROS1+ cancer!

I was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer n 2011, when the majority of lung cancer patients died within a year of diagnosis. Who would have thought I would still be here more than 10 years later? Research made that possible. I take a daily pill that targets my ROS1+ cancer, and that has kept my cancer under control for almost 9 years. But that pill doesn't work for everyone, and the odds say someday it will stop working for me. We need more research so that more patients can live with ROS1+ cancer as a chronic illness, and we need a cure.

I cofounded the The ROS1ders nonprofit with Tori and Lisa (that's us in the picture above), and the organization is very important to me. It's the largest group of ROS1+ patients in the world, with members from over 30 countries. We all need better treatment options.

That's why we are funding research. We first partnered with universities and lung cancer nonprofits to create models researchers use to study our disease. These studies have already generated medical journal articles that help guide our treatment options. Next, we will host a "Shark Tank" that will offer grants to researchers who study our diease, and design a ROS1 registry that will capture patient's information about treatment sequencing and side effects.

I am personally very involved in these projects--this work is my passion. I volunteer my time because I'm grateful for the research that's keeping me alive.

BUT ... I need your help to make this happen. Please donate whatever feels right. Any amount will help me reach my fundraising goal of $10,000!

Thanks for your support.