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The ROS1ders Need More Research!

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.


$8,508 towards $10,000

Join me in supporting real change. The ROS1ders are raising money to support patient-partnered research into our own disease. In 2017-2020, we partnered with the GO2 Foundation, University of Colorado, Vanderbilt University and others to collect ROS1+ biospecimens and create cancer models necessary for research. In 2020, we held a Research Roundtable with the global experts in ROS1+ cancer to discuss how best to use these cancer models to stimulate research into ROS1+ cancer. We published a white paper from this Roundtable in early 2021, which we've now translated into multiple languages.

Now we are raising money to: (1) hold the 2nd Annual ROS1 Research Roundtable focused on collecting real-world data from ROS1ders around the world to facilitate the study of our disease, and (2) host the inaugural ROS1der "Shark Tank" where a panel of top ROS1 researchers and patients will evaluate submissions by newer researchers applying for two $50k seed fund grants to pursue ROS1 related research. Both of these projects were carefully selected to inspire increased interest in ROS1+ cancer, to help ROS1ders around the world.

We are a volunteer-run organization with very low overheard - Every penny donated will make a huge difference. With your help, we're so excited to help those with ROS1+ cancer improve outcomes!