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The ROS1ders Need More Research!

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.


$15,105 towards $10,000

Join me in supporting real change. The ROS1ders are raising money to support patient-partnered research into our own disease. Since 2017, we have collaborated with leading researchers from top medical institutions and respected fellow non-profit organizations like The GO2 Foundation and Lungevity to improve outcomes for ROS1+ cancer patients. Projects have included collecting ROS1+ biospecimens and the creation of cancer models necessary for research, hosting of annual Research Roundtables with global experts (resulting in publication of White Papers in multiple languages), and launching a brand new website chock-full of valuable information for both patients and healthcare professionals about ROS1+ cancer.

Now we are raising money to:
(1) award 2-3 $75k seed fund grants to researchers pursuing ROS1 cancer projects.

(2) Host our 3rd Annual Research Roundtable where top ROS1 researchers and ROS1 patients and caregivers will discuss how best to facilitate the study of our disease. As in previous years, we plan to publish a formal White Paper with the findings, in multiple languages.

(3) Continue to improve our website, including adding educational videos and language translations so we can reach more people worldwide.

We are a volunteer-run organization with very low overheard - Every penny donated will make a huge difference. With your help, we're so excited to help those with ROS1+ cancer improve outcomes. Thank you for your support!